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Cubchoo Free Avatar by deenji

Ok, list time! Don't pay too much attention to the stars. This will mainly be an improvement list!

• Symmetry is really important! It looks really good, only the mouth looks a little bit like it's leering off to the right.

• The animation is smooth, but I would probably make it blink a little more to make it look more natural. Usually the best pattern would be "Blink..Blink............Blink.........." if that makes ay sense. So like two fast blinks in a row, and then a longer pause, and then another blink, if that makes any sense. If not I could send you some examples or something. C:

•Shading is especially important if you want to give it another dimension. I can see you started around the ears a little bit, but don't be afraid to do more. You can also use different shades and just gradually get lighter and lighter until you reach the base color. This will make it look a lot more finished and will make it look more... real so to speak and make the face look even more rounded.

• On top of shading, don't forget lighting! If you want to give cerain things a little more shine to them, add a little white dot to the nose or something. This might apply more to other pieces with hair or something, but it's a good technique to know anyway. Just think about shading but instead of starting off dark, start off light and get darker until you reach your base color. Once again, if you don't get it I can send you some examples. C:

I hope that helps, I know I kind of suck at explaining things but uh yeah!
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deenji Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG you read the draw, that's what happen to me. I'm really afraid of shading, I'll try nex times. I understand the blink thing haha is easy to understand when you make animations, so really thanks for that, critique totally FAIR, it will help a lot!
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